Are you ready! This will kick your socks off!*

*Actually you can just take them off for starters and then follow the instructions below and see how a movement enthusiast and coach Asko Külmsaar does these exercises.

But first. After taking off shoes and socks get to know your feet. Massage them to see where are the muscles and bones and ligaments. Move around barefoot and let that be a regular warm-up to the foot exercises you’ll start from today.

Note: If this is your first time doing foot exercises, take it slow. Try to connect your brain to your toes!

The start. First, raise your big toes without raising the rest of the foot and other toes from the ground. Lower your big toes. Then keep the big toes on the ground and raise only the four smaller toes. Repeat.

The wave. Raise your toes in a synced wave and lower these on the ground like a wave, too. The goal is to move each of your toes separately so that they won’t land on the ground together. Repeat.

The rocking chair. Rise slowly on the ball of your feet and then mimic the motion of a rocking chair by slowly landing your sole mid part on the ground and then the heel. The goal is to get your feet moving as smoothly as you can not falling down and not hitting your heels. Keep rocking for some time to get good exercise.

All of the exercises above need repeating and they work better when you find time to do these every day. For example, when you are brushing your teeth or cooking or doing dishes or taking a shower (beware of the slippery floor!) – find the best time to do these exercises!

These exercises are a strong mind and body cooperation as well, especially when you need to control small parts of your feet – like toes separately. It will get easier when you get the hang of it – just keep practising and you can watch the video many times with the link in the email.

So let’s get these feet strong and healthy with moving!

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