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Choosing the Perfect Barefoot Shoes

When selecting your first pair of barefoot shoes, it’s crucial to measure both the length and width of your feet. Properly fitting shoes are to be chosen by your foot’s measurements, not siz enumbers. Shoes that fit in length but are too narrow can cause discomfort and hinder the benefits of barefoot shoes.

Fortunately, barefoot shoe brands cater to various foot shapes and sizes. From very narrow to extra wide, there’s a range of barefoot shoes available to accommodate different feet.

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Barefoot Shoes – an Alternative to Walking Barefoot

As the name suggests, barefoot shoes allow one to walk seemingly barefoot. This means that these shoes aim to protect the feet from environmental conditions while not restricting the foot’s movement.

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Your Feet Love a Pair of leguano Barefoot Shoes

leguano is a German brand that produces only barefoot shoes. The company was established by movement professionals who felt that running in stiff-soled shoes harmed their health. After thorough research and testing, they concluded that a gradual shift to running in barefoot shoes results in fewer injuries and pain than running in stiff-soled shoes. The first shoes produced by leguano were sports shoes but by now the company produces shoes for all occasions.

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