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Kids’ winter boots [2021/22]

Getting fresh air and much-needed freedom of movement is essential in the winter. So the importance of the footwear your kid wears is huge - they need to fit your kid's feet, weather and give enough movement freedom. We'll help you find the right pair in this blog post.

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Adult winter boots overview [2021/2022]

Winter weather can be challenging. There might be blizzards, a lot of snow and dry weather or even sleet, rain and very wet conditions. Which boots are the best for mild urban winters and which fit very snowy, cold or wet conditions? We have some great options for both! You can find formal boots and hiking boots in our big list of winter boots for this season.

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What are barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes are shoes that your feet love because they have:

1. Wide toebox following the natural shape of toes
2. Zero heel-to-toe drop
3. No arch support
4. Flexible and thin sole

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Leguano – the new favourite

Leguano is a German brand that produces only barefoot shoes. The company was established by movement professionals who felt that
running in stiff-soled shoes had a negative impact on their health. After thorough research and testing, they concluded that a gradual shift to running in barefoot shoes results in fewer injuries and pain than running in stiff-soled shoes. The first shoes produced by Leguano were sports shoes but by now the company produces shoes for all occasions.

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How to pick shoes that fit?

When you pick your first barefoot shoes, make sure you measure both the length and width of your feet. For shoes to fit well, they need to have the proper length but also be wide enough for your feet. Shoes that fit you in length but are too narrow for your feet, are not a good fit. Disregarding the width of your feet deprives you of many of the benefits of barefoot shoes.

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