We are Merit and Brita. We are Mugavik Barefoot.
Hi there! We are Merit and Brita.
We are Mugavik Barefoot.

We believe in natural movement, the freedom we get spending time in nature and in healthy body and happiness deriving from it.

We care about environment and take bigger and smaller steps to protect it as much as we can.

We listen to you, we think together with you, we share our experience with you.

We are there for you to guide you on your journey to free and happy movement.

Brita and Merit in Mugavik's store.

Our Story

Who would have thought that the cooperation we started in 2018 to meet the minimum order requirement for a barefoot shoe brand, brings us here – to Mugavik Barefoot – an international barefoot shoe shop with an incomparable selection of barefoot shoe brands and models. Not sure what barefoot shoes are? No worries, just take a look here.

Mugavik Barefoot was born when two barefoot shoe shop owners, two competitors, Merit and Brita, decided that together they are smarter, stronger and better partners to our clients. And born was an international barefoot shoe shop with great product selection, worldwide shipping and enormous amount of experience in recommending the best fitting shoes for all types of feet.

This common undertaking was built on a solid foundation. It evolved from a years long cooperation and a friendship born from it. “Funny but even when we were competitors, we supported each other, recommended each other to our clients, ordered barefoot shoe brands together and shared the secrets of success.” (Merit) “It came natural to us as we both have our hearts set to this work. It has never been just business for us but a calling to help people discover toefreedom.” (Brita)

Our Team

Brita – co-founder. Brita is responsible for management, strategy, marketing, web developments and client service.
Merit – co-founder. Merit is responsible for management, strategy, sourcing, cooperations and finances.
Kaie – social media assistant. Kaie takes care of our social media coverage and advises on marketing.
Merit – superhero. Merit does so many things with such commitment and professionalism that we just call her superhero.
Triinu – Your best friend. Triinu keeps you happy, answers your e-mails, solves your problems and sends out your parcel.

Come, join us and discover toefreedom! 👣