HICKIES Neon Multi


Replace the shoelaces with HICKIES rubber fastenings and you can easily pull on the shoes!

The elastic laces are suitable for walking, running, jumping, cycling – everything!

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HICKIES elastic shoelaces give you an option to replace regular laces with a more comfortable solution. Regular laces are the best for attaching shoes to our ankles. However, if you have decided to give up regular laces, HICKIES elastic laces are a better option than slip-on shoe models and fancier than a regular rubber band with a stopper.

HICKIES elastic laces are suitable for all shoes with eyelets. Each strap measures 116mm long and are suitable for adult shoes. The pack contains 14 straps which is enough for 1 pair of adults shoes.

The HICKIES elastic laces are made of durable thermoplastic elastomer and they do not contain latex. HICKIES are produced in Mexico.

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