Goldenmix Balm for leather 150ml


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Goldenmix on kõrge kvaliteediga nahahooldusvahend. Puhastab, pehmendab, läigestab ja kaitseb nahka. Muudab naha niiskuskindlaks, kaitseb ka tänavasoola, lume ja päikese eest. Sobib igat värvi nahale, kaasaarvatud kunstnahale. Palsami kasutamine pikendab nahast toodete kasutusiga.

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Goldenmix beeswax is an excellent tool for repelling moisture and dirt from smooth leather shoes and other leather products.

Ideal for smooth leather shoes, it moisturizes and nourishes the leather. Maintaining shoes with wax extends their lifespan. Moisturized leather is more elastic (preventing cracks in flex areas), better withstands weather conditions, and is easier to care for since dirt absorption into the leather is hindered.

Usage: Clean the shoes with a cloth and let them dry at room temperature. Apply a thin layer of wax to the shoes using the sponge provided in the jar or your fingers. Body heat instantly melts the wax, aiding its absorption into the leather. Shoes should be regularly treated with wax. Be sure to reapply the wax if the shoes get dirty and are wiped with a cloth, as this may damage the effectiveness of the thin wax layer.

Although we primarily recommend beeswax for smooth leather shoes, it can also be used on nubuck leather shoes (not suede!), which have a gently velvety, soft, but smooth surface. Keep in mind that nubuck leather is more porous, and the wax may be absorbed unevenly, potentially leaving nubuck shoes blotchy and likely darkening them. However, treating nubuck leather shoes with wax offers better moisture repellency compared to spray. The darker the nubuck leather, the less noticeable the color difference due to uneven wax absorption, but the leather’s appearance (originally matte) becomes shinier and smoother.

Composition: Goldenmix balm is made from beeswax, lanolin, and oil. The balm does not contain thinners or other chemical compounds. Packaging: 150ml plastic jar, sponge Storage: Keep in the original packaging above +5C. No limited shelf life.

Produced in Estonia.

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