leguano laundry bag


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Mesh bag made of strong material for washing machine washable shoes.

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The advantage of a regular net bag is that it is made of a stronger material and has a strong wide zipper. The bag protects the shoes during the wash cycle and holds two ballerinas or sneakers. After washing, the shoes must be removed from the bag and hung to dry. It is recommended to let the shoes dry naturally without placing them on a radiator or other heater. In the washing machine, you can wash the following shoes Mugavik Barefoot sells:
Most leguano shoes are machine washable with a short wash cycle of up to 30 degrees (except for models with a wool lining such as chester and aktiv winter).
Vibram FiveFingers shoes (except wool models).
Read more in the product descriptions. Before washing your shoes in the washing machine, make sure that the manufacturer allows you to wash your shoes in the washing machine.

Material: 100% polyester

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