Adjustable foot straps


Foot straps that will not slide off the shoes. A perfect choice for barefoot shoes. Available sizes M and L.

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  • the rubber foot strap is tied around the shoe
  • perfect for barefoot shoes with minimum thread
  • durable leather
  • various buttonholes and adjustable rubber part
  • two different sizes

Please measure the width of the sole to ensure the right fit:
Outer sole measured 4.5-7 cm, choose size M
Outer sole measured 7.5-10 cm, choose size L

If your ordered foot strap is slightly too big, you may make a knot and shorten the strap. That should fixate the foot strap perfectly.

How to use foot straps

Insert buttons into a suitable buttonhole. Make sure the rubber part on top of the shoe is nicely tight as this ensures that the foot strap stays in place. In case the rubber strap is too loose, add the plastic stopper that comes with every ordered foot strap, and adjust.


Hand or machine wash up to 40 degrees.
NB! Leather foot straps are not fully attached to the shoe which means they may move slightly, which may harm the shoes and cause fading of the color.

Additional information

Additional information

Type of Foot

Average width, Narrow, Wide


M, L





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