Freet elastic laces with stopper


Freet rubber laces with stopper, which simplifies and speeds up the fastening of shoes.

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Rubber laces with a stopper to replace regular laces for Freet or other shoes.

  • No need to tie lace
  • Fits all shoe sizes
  • Locker keeps laces secure
  • Easy to use, one time set up as follows:
    • Lace through the top eyelets down towards the toes
    • Adjust to correct length (ie cut the elastic when you have adjusted to the best length) then stitch or knot the ends securely
    • Hide stitching under web loop either in centre of the bottom lace holes or, if no web loop, under the bottom lace hole web loop. If you knot the ends instead of stitching them it may be difficult to hide the knot
  • Sold as a pair
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