.. they are there, we know it! Just let these foot muscles grow, too!

We won’t give mercy to your sore feet from the previous exercises – but you can do it yourself. Here is Asko from Movement Tallinn to demonstrate to you the next four exercises to get these feet strong and healthy!

Toe rise. Rise all of your toes together keeping the rest of your soles on the ground. Do that with both feet simultaneously.

Toe rise 2. Do the toe rise but keep rising the toes on only one foot keeping the other firmly on the ground. Change foot and repeat.

Rolling on the sides of your feet. Imagine your soles have an outline and roll your feet slowly on the sides of your soles and your toes keeping the rest of the sole in the air. The slower you do that, the greater the exercise and impact.

Rolling the opposite sides of your feet. Similar to the last exercise, but now you won’t roll in circular motion but rather roll from one side to the opposite side keeping the rest of the sole in the air.

And now … stretch! You can sit on the ground and roll your toes under your soles, you can help with your hands. Feel the stretch on the top of your feet. Let these muscles and ligaments stretch fully and slowly to maintain their elasticity.

Stay tuned for the next video, since it will be very different from the first two and worth the wait (we’ll email you)!

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