It’s a party! The best kind – dancing like no one is watching! So don’t waste time, kick off your shoes and give in to the beat. Asko shows you some cool moves that are particularly good exercises for the feet while dancing.

First, you need some energetic music. Take off your shoes and socks, be totally barefoot. Listen to the music. And then see how your body wants to move in the rhythm. Or out of the rhythm – your call!

As the body is an interconnected system, then moving your body and feet together as a whole gives you the exercise. Especially when you take a step further and try moves that you usually don’t do. Then you’ll awaken some muscles that might have been “asleep”. Keep in mind that you still need to be gentle, smooth and soft in your movements and not injure yourself.

Be playful – add some high kicks or jumps into your dance and just enjoy the moment! Use your hands and feet both. Be the music!

You have done a good job!

Is it time to reward yourself with a pair of new shoes, that let you keep the freedom you danced in? Taking a look at what other people have ordered and have loved won’t hurt you, right…