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Dear customers from outside of Estonia, we are happy for your interest in Mugavik!

If you wish to order goods from our online store somewhere outside of Estonia and Finland, please contact us – click here.

If you wish to order to Finland, it is possible now – just order through the online store and choose “Soome” as your country (we are sorry, that the web page is only available in Estonian). Shipping costs will be added to the order.

If you have interest in selling your barefoot shoe brand in our store, please feel free to contact us – click here. is an online store for barefoot (minimalist) shoes, based in Tartu, Estonia. All shoes and sizes which are available in the online store, can be tried on in Tartu. We sell only shoes, which meet the following criteria.

Barefoot (minimalist) shoes…

  • are light-weight
  • have a thin and flexible sole
  • have a wide toe box, taking the natural shape of human’s feet into account
  • do not have any cushioning on the insole
  • do not support any part of the foot’s sole

Barefoot shoes let people walk, run and hike like they were barefoot, only protecting the feet from cold, injuries, etc.